I started working when I had just past 21 years of age and looked forward to a long and wholesome career. Now just shy of 60, suddenly all those years are behind me and there are just months left- three to be precise, which will soon become days and then hours!

I am filled with mixed feelings – on one hand there’s relief to be getting away from big bad corporate world and on the other there’s anxiety as to what shall I be doing without the daily routine of last 40 years or so? This has led to composition of a few lines that read as under:

It seems like yesterday – my first day in office,

Fresh out of college and completely novice!

Indeed I became an expert and learned tricks of the trade

And by working hard, I was able to make it to a reasonable grade.

How the years passed by in running for that something is a mystery;

Lot of things were acquired yet all that seems like history!

As the professional journey nears its final bend

My heart says it’s just a pause and not an end!

There’s so much to be done and do much to explore

And that new journey will offer opportunities galore

I will fulfil dreams tucked in some corner of my heart

And start all over again with a new zeal and that’s the art!

12 thoughts on “Each end leads to a new beginning

      1. As we age, health issues are unavoidable! I myself have creaking knees but I am managing ! It’s the spirit that’s more important and I like your spirit, which is also discernible from your social media posts that are lively, interesting and very humorous


      2. I had one heart attack, one pneumonia, two spine fractures, and one knee replacement which has refused to heal even after 7 months , not counting a bout of Covid… I am hardly able to walk these days… But spirit? That’s a different story altogether 😁


      3. Jayantada, I knew about your knee and heart conditions, but others I have just learnt. I pray for your top fitness and wish you all the health. Next visit to Pune, I am meeting you.


  1. Every ending is a beginning. I’m glad that you have a successful and fulfilling journey so far, I’m sure future will be equally fruitful and rewarding.


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