In these Covid times, a good news is hard to come by. If on top of it, the good news is also progressive, it’s like an icing on the cake. I am talking about liquid decomposer invented by Indian Agricultural Research Institute ( IARI) , Pusa that can decompose the wheat stubble obviating the requirement of burning it. Burning of wheat stubble by Haryana and Punjab farmers is a major source of winter pollution in Delhi. Moreover, the decomposed stubble increases the fertility of the land. Delhi Government has offered to bear the expenses of spraying this decomposer in the fields of willing farmers.

While pollution is one of the biggest worries of the mankind, I have used the word progressive in the para above. Mumbai needs a metro network and a network that covers the size of Mumbai city needs a car shed. While Aarey as the green lungs of the city needs to be protected, I think a major part of the damage in the form of uprooting of trees had already happened and the new Government’s plans to shift this car shed from Aarey to Kanjur Marg may not control pollution much but will definitely set back the progress!

Arvind Kejriwal is much lampooned, but Delhiites, by re-electing him have clearly supported the man who is trying to do something differently. I appreciate the transition of this country into a healthy and strong federal structure, where people prefer a strong centre, but vote differently in state elections to back party/CM candidate that they expect will deliver the most. Capt Amarinder Singh, Bhupesh Baghel, Hemant Soren, Jagan Reddy, TR Chandrashekhar are all expected to work on developmental agenda in their respective states. Mamta can do more if she mends her relationship with Centre. And here in our very own Maharashtra, a unique experiment in the form of MVA headed by the son of soil Uddhav Thackeray should succeed and this Government must deliver to make Maharashtra the most progressive state and Mumbai, the numero uno city in the form of world class infrastructure and zero law and order issue. Arvind Kejriwal has shown the way how developmental agenda can be pursued for public welfare without conflict with Centre.

We need more such news and let Maharashtra take the lead!

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