My regular readers would be familiar with my earlier blogs around this theme, their essence being the importance of my wife’s company for me. Whenever she plans a trip alone, I look forward to some private moments, some serious reading, blogging and pursuing other interests, but within the days of her departure I start missing her bubbly presence around me. I just cite small example of this.

She’s highly ambitious, fiercely independent and strong willed. Once she decides on something, it’s very difficult to let her change her mind. And here for a moment I don’t mean ordinary matters! When she wanted this particular flat where we reside currently, she was fixated on it thought it was seriously out of budget for me. She exhorted me to take some risk and ultimately booked the flat, which we have since paid for fully by the grace of God. And yet today, while she’s on a personal visit to Delhi, she was giving me repeated calls while I was in a serious official meeting. And guess what she was frantically calling me for? To take my permission whether she should buy a large sized plum cake or a smaller one, the price difference between the two being a princely sum of Rs50. For someone who would be with her, she would be the most obedient wife who doesn’t move an inch without her hubby dear’s consent! It’s her this unpredictability and ebullience that makes me crave for her company, especially when she’s away!

She returns tomorrow with a permitted purchase of Rs280 and not not asked for stuff – only God knows! 😊

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