COVID COVID go away,

Human suffering is unbearable making all distraught;

Daily earners are starving to death,

Should they survive Covid’s onslaught!

These are heart rending scenes almost at par with the tragedy observed at the time of partition! Hordes of people, with whatever they could get hold of, children in their laps and elderly on their backs , unaware of the journey or destination just leaving the places they had lived for years in search of safer refuges!

This is the kind of havoc COVID has perpetrated on human beings. The lifeline of major cities – labourers, servants, drivers, in fact daily wage earners of all kinds- are fleeing these major cities like Delhi, Mumbai carrying whatever they can with their families in tow for their hometowns and villages. There are no trains or buses or any form of transport to alleviate their suffering ! They are absolutely unsure how and in how much time would they be able to reach their destination? Also, their movement is contrary to the current doctrines of getting locked down inside your homes, maintaining social distance and not to undertake any travel. There emigrants are exposing themselves and their families to grave risk of contacting COVID. Many of these could be active/passive carriers of this deadly virus, defeating the Government’s objective of confining this pandemic to pockets rather than let it spread everywhere. How will they survive days of journey on foot with kids and women? My heart bleeds ! Can something be done to assure these families to stay put and that their food requirements during the lockdown will be assured? Can governments facilitate their journeys by providing them with free transport?

I feel miserable, helpless and clueless ! I look skywards and pray to the almighty that:


Don’t show your face again

People are starving and dying

And poor children just want to play!

2 thoughts on “COVID COVID Go Away

  1. I don’t know what God has in store…
    I am not even sure if there is a God..
    No God can unleash this amount of suffering and deaths on His people..unless He is planning a massive clean up operation like He did during the Great Flood ( Refer the Noah’s Ark case ) . Or even in the Hindu mythology- the Koorma avatar case..
    In short , a total annihilation of mankind and human civilization as we know it..
    Nothing else makes sense.
    On the one hand the poor are waiting to starve to death if not killed by the virus.
    The industrialists are waiting to have the value of their factories and other businesses and assets reduced to nothingness..
    The rich are waiting to lose their hard earned savings kept in banks, as banks fail because the loans are never going to come back..
    The stock markets are waiting to lose all their wealth created on the basis of other peoples assets and based purely on optimism..
    The possibilities are endless. And all of them worse than the other.
    Our world has been turned upside down on its head over a matter of days and months.

    The workers are waiting to lose their jobs, sooner rather than later.
    Property prices are waiting to plummet reducing the value of your home to nothing..
    I could go on and on..

    Pease delete the first comment because it contains a lot of typos..


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