He was a bright student, an avid sportsman, an obedient son, a caring brother, a doting husband, an affectionate father and above all a great friend ready to go to any extent for a friend!

You can ask me what’s so unique about him? Almost all of us would fit the bill on the above traits!

You are unique if you’re Sunil Babbar. In spite of being born with a golden spoon in your mouth, if the life tests a chocolate boy with tragedies galore, and if you come out triumphant unscathed, you are no ordinary man, but Sunil Babbar. Falsely implicated in a sin not committed, seeing the loved one dying a painful death from cancer, facing uncertain careers in hostile terrains, being conned by business partners…. et al, the list is fairly long! And yet if you maintain your character comprising love, affection, trust, helpfulness, mildness, patience…. again the list is endless- you ought to be a special person,

I will close this ode to Babbar by saying that lucky are those who have a Sunil Babbar in their lives!!!!

The light from the God’s lantern may always shine on your face;

And you are always safe being protected from evil by God’s mace.

You have never fought shy of struggle, hard work and difficulties galore;

In spite of that you’re a true king with a leonine roar!!!!

Happy birthday

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