Read two interesting items that led to the ideation for this blog. In a popular strip published everyday in a news daily, the proponent having lunch with her friend, tells her with great anguish about her visit to a marriage counsellor along with her husband. She tells tinged with sadness and disappointment, ” the counsellor labels us a happy couple with no requirement for any counselling”.

Second is an anecdote from a popular English magazine. Narrating the incident, the writer tells about an occasion when a golden fish in a home aquarium dies and fearing a very extreme reaction from her young school going son, she flushes the dead fish before his arrival from the school. Expectedly, child cries inconsolably for guess what? – Not for the fish having died, but he being deprived of the opportunity to flush the dead fish.

In both the above stories, it’s the twist in the tale that makes the story so fascinating. On both the occasions, I was caught on the wrong foot – in the first story for guessing wrongly that the lady’s disappointment was due to marriage counsellor calling the couple incompatible and in the second for child crying for the dead fish.

Similarly, our lives are full of twists and turns at each juncture and all of us should be prepared to expect the unexpected.

2 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected

  1. There is book by Jeffrey Archer named “Twist in the tale” that is about small tales with an unexpected ending.
    Kudos to you for appreciating and understanding the tale of life that has its chain of twists and bends.

    At times I wonder if animals and birds also experience such twists in their lives! If only we could understand their languages, I am sure they also have hilarious anecdotal to relate!


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