Let me start with a bit of nostalgia. Dussehra in my childhood meant autumn vacations, 10 days of performing of Ram Lila by amateur artists, burning of effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnad, setting off of winters with weather becoming mildly cold in mornings and evenings, mandatory consumption of jalebis and all that.

My first major shift from Delhi was to Kolkata. In Kolkata it meant a long list of holidays when everything came to a grinding halt, beautiful Pandals housing beautiful Durga statues, pandal hopping, snacking and complete immersion into the festive spirit.

Mumbai, my home for last 2 decades has an altogether new connotation of Dussehra. Here it’s all about celebration by dancing and eating. It’s as if the whole city, recovering from the spirit of the favourite lord Ganpati, now getting immersed in seeking blessings of the most affectionate Ma Durga or Ambey or Vaishnodevi or with whatever name you want to call her.

Historically, there are three reasons for celebrating Dussehra – slaying of Ravana by Lord Rama, Killing of all Kuru warriors plus 1 lakh soldiers by Arjuna and assassination of buffalo demon Mahishasura by Ma Durga. All represent victory of good over evil.

Let’s all kill the Ravana like demons of communalism, hatred, narrow mindedness, dishonesty, avarice, selfishness etc that have made us their abode and make ourselves and our environment clean, green and happy!

Happy Dussehra to all !

12 thoughts on “Victory of good over evil

  1. With the beautiful & pious souls coming in life like YOU, ones evil within is slayed. May your spirit of building the characters and mounting love never die. May Goddess be with you always bestowing upon you & your family a very healthy, happy & joyous life. Happy Vijayadashmi! 🙏🙏


  2. Well sais Sir. Just to add Sir, read some companies were putting up used pet bottle Ravanas, to b later on shredded n reused. Theres some light seen at the end of the tunnel in this fight for a clean environment. Plastic bags seen lesser and lesser along Kerala rivers. Metros a long way to go, but things picking up in the right direction. Once again, Happy Navarathri to you and family Sir


  3. Happy Vijaydashmi. Your writing as always takes down to memory lane. Thanks.
    Happy festivities sir.
    The real victory as said by sages is when you stop seeing the evil in others and look forward to see the good things to improve ourselves.


  4. Excellent Sir. It reminds me Krishna Nagar where we use to go to see Ramleela and other cultural programs with groundnut and rewari in our pockets. Air was much cleaner with less populated and lots of open space. Have a great festival seasons 💐💕🙏💐


  5. Your wrting is crisp and always narrate the true meaning, really love to read and internalise, Subho Bijaya and Subho Dushera


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