The title of the blog is inspired from 1963 song by the Group The Essex ” Easier Said Than Done”

Yesterday I lost my mobile. Think left it in the cab. 10 minutes later, when I remembered about the missing phone and tried calling my number from another phone, the phone was coming switched off. This being the 4th instance of mobile phone loss I deservingly got an earful from my wife for being so absent minded and careless ( citing 10 other acts of my nonchalance). Being an avid believer in the teachings of Bhagvad Gita, I tried to overcome the grief for material loss ( an I Phone is a damn expensive toy, advance model costing a fortune), by taking solace from the teachings of the great epic on dealing with the loss. It says, ” why grieve the loss? What had you brought with you that you’re lamenting the loss of? Whatever you have you got here only and you will be leaving here only taking nothing with you!”. I immediately connected to this great learning. Indeed, I hadn’t brought this I phone from my mother’s womb! In fact, nobody had imagined about mobile phones when even landline was a luxury! I had got my phone only here (not strictly in Mumbai but from Singapore, but both are in any way part of this world only) and have lost it also here only! But I must admit that this solace was mometary, the grief and worry overwhelming me considering the loss of data and record and their possible misuse! Banking App, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and tens of several other apps all vanishing into thin air! Forget misuse, recreating all this in itself is going to be a humongous task and I am no tech savvy having saved data on cloud for retrieval! All this angst brought out the poet in me, leading to the composition of the following poem:

Why should one cry

At the loss of material things ;

It’s an established rule of the universe

Nothing is constant and paupers do become kings.

But the material loss is not merely

The loss of material;

In the material lies

All our bearings that are ethereal .

When I lost my I phone

I just didn’t lose a small bit

With it I lost all my identity, numbers

That in fact was my very survival kit!

I have got a new cheaper version of a mobile phone and I am treating it dearer than my life and hope I lose it only when I lose my life!!!!

2 thoughts on “Easier said than done

  1. वाह लगता है इस monetary world में गुरू नानक जी के चेले अभी भी हैं – तेरा भाणा मीठा लागे। जिदा सी उनहे वापस लै लेया। की लै के आये सी की लै के जैणा ऐ।


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